Sunday, October 9, 2011

I will make the 3rd attempt to update my blog in a bit :) lol

October TwentyEleven !!!!

It sure has been a loooooooong time since I blogged! Alot has happened since my old blog (deleted)...

to start off with my Gorgeous TOUGH Lil Miss Emma Lyn! she has grown so much! she is now 7!!! can u believe it 7?! She still loves to sing & dance. She has a heart for SOCCER. She enjoys school: learning & reading & writing- the girl writes songs almost on a daily basis. She has also picked up"playing" her guitar . Such an active, energetic lil lady!

6Months ago I met up with a special man that I first met in 7th grade (13yrs ago)- DANIEL !

We decided to meet up for dinner & introduce our girls- yep he has a 7yr old daughter, AMANDA--- we both have 7yr old daughters!!! =-) the 4 of us hit it off so well that a lil over a month of being together we decided to combine our lil families into OUR Family!

so we now have two 7yr old daughters & 3 dogs : Aldean (3yr old german shep mix), Miranda-Doll (5yr old aussie) & Ole Lady (12yr old rat terrier).

bTw: where is the book on 7yr olds? i mean theres a book about the terrible 2's & toddlers and teens but really where is the book telling you about 7yr olds. --- LOL ^^^


For those of you who followed my last blog- you knew I was blessed with an English Mastiff "MOE STANLEY". Last October Moe was diagnosed with Kidney disease that soon turned into KidneyFailure. He went down hill very fast. Broke my heart but I had to do what was best for him & on Nov 9 i had him put to sleep. He was such a JOY to my life! He is missed daily & deeply! " if HEAVEN weren't so far away"


I now have 2 nephews & 2 nieces =-) nephews: Lane & Connor nieces: Laina & Carolleigh.
A nephew & niece from each beloved sister, Jordan & Stacey.

*** giving myself 9 weeks to get healthier from the inside- out! 1 week down 8 more to go! guess i need to get my bootay in gear! Insanity starts tomorrow!